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Lakewood Instruments offers conductivity, pH, and ORP water treatment controllers for practical and reliable solutions involving cooling tower, boiler, process, and waste water applications.

Boiler,Controls,Lakewood,InstrumentsThe Lakewood Instruments Model 1575e uses the latest in microprocessor capability, giving the user a high level of application flexibility. A large illuminated graphics screen, multiple inputs, and very easy setup characterize this new technology from Lakewood Instruments. The Lakewood Instruments Model 1575e is UL/CSA/CE approved.

Lakewood Instruments 1575e Water Treatment Controller

Our Products

Boiler,Controls,Lakewood,Instruments  NexSys® System
    The NexSys® control system is the latest in a long line of reliable, easy to use controllers

Boiler,Controls,Lakewood,Instruments  Cooling Towers
    Cooling tower equipment for ORP, conductivity, pH monitoring and controlling

  Boiler Controllers
    Sample/Cycle and Microprocessor Boiler controls

Boiler,Controls,Lakewood,Instruments  Condensate Controllers
    Lakewood Instruments™ Condensate Controllers ensure efficient management of your condensate or process water system by pH or conductivity control.

Boiler,Controls,Lakewood,Instruments  Process Controllers
    Lakewood Instruments offers process controllers that provide cost-effective and reliable management systems for process and waste water applications.

Boiler,Controls,Lakewood,Instruments  LONWORKS* Nodes
    Lakewood Instruments™ provides relay and conductivity nodes for connection to Lakewood 2000 Series Controllers to allow microprocessor-based control of process streams using LONWORKS* technology.

Boiler,Controls,Lakewood,Instruments  Process Sensors
    Lakewood Instruments uses the latest technology in pH, ORP, and conductivity sensor construction to provide reliable and rugged assemblies for waste water and process water applications.

Boiler,Controls,Lakewood,Instruments  Remote Monitoring Software
    Lakewood Instruments™ Remote Windows Software (LRWS) accesses all features of Lakewood Instruments Model 2000 Series Controllers remotely. LRWS manages multiple controllers, phone numbers, and passwords.

Boiler,Controls,Lakewood,Instruments  Cooling Tower Accessories
    Augment your cooling tower accessories with scaled 4-20 mA controller outputs, extra relays, and totalizing flowmeters.