Condensate Controllers from Lakewood Instruments

Lakewood Instruments Condensate Controllers ensure efficient management of your condensate or process water system by pH or conductivity control. Alarm contacts can be wired to divert condensate flow or activate an alarm when necessary.


Model 267 Condensate Conductivity Monitor and Controller
The Lakewood model 267 is a conductivity monitor and controller with sensor. It may be used in condensate systems or process water applications where the conductivity range is from 0-100 µS.

Model 350S pH Condensate Controller
The Lakewood model 350S pH Condensate Controller installed at critical condensate return points or in the de-aerator condensate return line allows you to determine the condensate pH and ensure the efficient management of your system.

Lakewood Instruments Model 1575e Water Treatment Controller
The 1575 monitors conductivity, a flow switch, two water meters, and two drum switch inputs.