Cooling,Tower,Water,Controller,LonWorks,Technology,Lakewood,Model 2412-N4

Cooling Tower Water Controller With LonWorksTechnology Lakewood Model 2412-N4


Product Information - Cooling Tower Water Controller With LonWorks Technology
Lakewood Instruments Model 2412-N4

Cooling,Tower,Water,Controller,LonWorks,Technology,Lakewood,Model 2412-N4

LonWorks Technology is the latest in microprocessor capability that gives the user the highest level of application flexibility. A large graphic screen, multiple inputs and very easy setup with easy field upgrade characterize this new technology.

* LONWORKS is a registered trademark of Echelon Corporation.


  • Plumbing and sensors can be mounted up to 15 feet from controller
  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Larger enclosure provides room to house modem and NRLY option
  • 4-electrode conductivity includes fouling compensation.
  • Dirty sensor "Fouled Electrode" alarm.
  • pH sensor diagnostics indicate fouled reference or broken glass.
  • Records both makeup (MTR1) and blowdown (MTR2) water meter total gallons.
  • Configure blowdown water meter (MTR2) as second makeup meter.
  • User-selectable relay options:
    • Feed by setpoint, direct or reverse
    • Water meter actuated feed. (MTR1, MTR2, or sum)
    • Feed after blowdown by percent
    • Percentage timer feed
    • Schedule feed timer (-RTC option)
    • General alarm contact
  • Three security levels:
    • Keypad lockout, operator, technician
  • Integral flowsight & flowswitch lockout.
  • Blowdown Relay options:
    • Bleed x gallons for x gallons makeup
    • Bleed x minutes for x gallons of makeup
    • Bleed by setpoint
    • Bleed by cycles of concentration (NCON option)
    • Bleed by multi-setpoint selected (NCON option)
    • Bleed by makeup conductivity range


  • Multiple control options in a single economical package.
  • Very accurate control of chemical feed and cycles of concentration.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Tolerant to power surges and brownouts.
  • Power cord, plug outlets and attached plumbing make installation easy. There is plenty of protected room inside the enclosure for electrician wiring.
  • Indicates when to clean sensor.
  • Very accurate monitoring of the evaporated water.
  • Feeds chemical AFTER blowdown.
  • Has expansion slots to add additional control, such as more relays, chiller loop monitor and cycles of concentration based on incoming makeup water.
  • Plumbing and sensors can be mounted 15 feet from controller.


Power 80-300 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Sensor 4 electrode Conductivity, pH reference electrode, pH glass electrode,
Temperature comp. Automatic
Flow switch Dry contact
Water Meter Input Two contacting head or open collector.
Relays Four, 3 Amps @ 120 VAC
4-20 mA Two, isolated w/-35L
Pressure 140 psi (9.7 bar) @ 100F (38 C)
Max. Temperature 140F (60 C)
Min. Flow 1 gpm (3.8 Lpm)
Conductivity Range 0-5,000 (other ranges optional
Conductivity Accuracy 40 S
Conductivity Resolution 10 S
pH Range 0-14
pH Accuracy 0.05 pH
pH Resolution 0.01 pH
Deadband Adjustable
Setpoints Direct or Reverse (configurable in the field)
Feed timer Adjustable
Keypad Numeric
Display Illuminated 128x64 pixel LCD
Ambient Temperature 32-158 F (0-70 C)
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X

Ordering Options

2412-N4   LONWORKS Technology based pH and conductivity controller with plumbing and flow switches. Four relays are integral to the system. One is dedicated to blowdown. The others may be configured for pH (acid or caustic), inhibitor feed on conductivity, water meter, percent of time or biocide feed. pH range is 0-14 and conductivity range is 0-5,000 S. Enclosure is NEMA 4X with molded female receptacles for relay outputs and has room for a modem and the NRLY option.
CONTROLLER OPTIONS (optional, select no more than three)
-RTC   Adds 24-hour clock and calendar to controller (required to configure relays to feed chemicals/biocides based on time of day and for data acquisition if using the -RS2L option).
-35L   Two 4-20 mA outputs configurable for remote data acquisition of conductivity and pH.
-RS2L   Communications node with shareware software. Requires -RTC option.
-NIN   Network interface node. Allows 1 NRLY and/or up to 3 NCON/NCKT to be added.
REMOTE NODE OPTIONS (optional, MUST purchase NIN option above)
NRLY   Four additional relays with enclosure (1 per 2000 Series Controller).
NCON   Conductivity node for makeup water or closed loop control (node only).
NCKT   Conductivity node for makeup water or closed loop control with PVC sensor, tee and enclosure. Maximum water pressure and temperature is 100 psi @ 120 F (6.9 bar @ 49C).
LANGUAGE OPTIONS (optional, choose one, English and Spanish Standard)
-EF   English and French.
-EG   English and German.
WMI   Water Meter Interface board for Signet 515 and Data Industrial paddlewheel types (not needed for open collector output Signet meters).
L RWS   Windows-based registered software for computer to communicate with 2000 Series Controllers.
MD   High Baud modem for use with 2000 Series Controllers.