Digital,Input,Node,Model NDIG,Lakewood Instruments

Digital Input Node Model NDIG from Lakewood Instruments


NDIG Digital Input Node

Digital,Input,Node,Model NDIG,Lakewood InstrumentsThe digital input node (NDIG) is a LONWORKS® Technology-compatible node that uses twisted pair communications to monitor any dry contact input. There are four input channels on each NDIG. In addition it can be used with open collector type water meters on the first two channels. SNVT's such as flow rate, total gallons/liters can be utilized. K factors for water meters or gallons/liters per contact allow for compatibility with most water meters.

The NDIG can be used with OSMONICS® Lakewood 2000 Series Controllers. It can be used on cooling towers, boilers, wastewater, reverse osmosis and other processes. Up to two NDIG's may be used with the OSMONICS® Lakewood 2000 Series Controllers.

One Network Interface Node (NIN) per 2000 Series Controller is required to operate network nodes such as the NDIG.


Inputs Digital Inputs 4 Dry Contact Inputs.Channels 1-2 can be used for water meter inputs.
Power 24 VDC
Distance Between Two Furthest Nodes 400 m (1312 ft) maximum without a repeater
Node Ambient Temperature 0-85°C (32-185°F)

LONWORKS is a registered trademark of Echelon Corporation.
OSMONICS is a registered trademark of Osmonics, Inc.

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