pH,ORP,Node,Model NpH,Lakewood Instruments

pH/ORP Node Model NpH from Lakewood Instruments



pH,ORP,Node,Model NpH,Lakewood InstrumentsThe pH/ORP Node (NpH) is a LONWORKS® Technology-compatible node that uses twisted pair communications. The NpH can be used to monitor pH or ORP. The NpH contains Lakewood's unique differential input circuitry for accurate pH and ORP readings. With seven different temperature compensator inputs and its differential input circuitry the NpH can be used with other manufactures pH/ORP electrodes. Temperature compensation is adjustable by percent per degrees Celsius for use with various processes. In addition to its unique design it also contains sensor diagnostics sending an alarm to the user when a probe problem occurs.

The NpH can be used with OSMONICS® Lakewood 2000 Series Controllers. It can be used on cooling towers, boilers, wastewater, reverse osmosis and other processes.

One Network Interface Node (NIN) per 2000 Series Controller is required to operate network nodes such as the NpH.


pH BNC connection
0 to 14 pH
59 mV per pH unit
ORP BNC connection
-2000 to +2000 mV
Power 24 VDC
Distance Between Two Furthest Nodes 400 m (1312 ft) maximum without a repeater
Node Ambient Temperature 0-85°C (32-185°F)
Temperature Compensation  
  Inputs None 100 PTC
    500 NTC 1K PTC
    4K NTC 3K PTC
    10K NTC 10K PTC
    Compensation is adjustable by % per °C
Accuracy 1% of sensor reading
Resolution 1% of reading
LONWORKS is a registered trademark of Echelon Corporation.
OSMONICS is a registered trademark of Osmonics, Inc.

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