Relay,Node,Model NRLY,Lakewood,Instruments

Relay Node Model NRLY from Lakewood Instruments


Product Information

Relay,Node,Model NRLY,Lakewood,InstrumentsThe Relay Node (NRLY) is a LONWORKS* Technology-Based Node. It contains its own microcontroller which talks directly to other LONWORKS Nodes on a twisted-pair communication wire. It contains four Form "C" contacts.

NRLY is a node which may be added to Lakewood Instruments 2000 Series Controllers. The relays can be activated on direct or reverse setpoint, water meter inputs or by a percent on-time setting. The relays may also be used for scheduled-time operation.

The NRLY is housed in an ABS plastic enclosure and requires the Lakewood Model NIN Network Interface Node for operation with 2000 Series Controllers.


Power 24 VDC Ambient Temp 32-158F (0-70C)
Enclosure ABS Plastic
Relays Four, 3 Amps @ 120 VAC

* LONWORKS is a registered trademark of Echelon Corporation.

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