Conductivity,Cooling,Tower,Controller,Lakewood,Instruments,Model 2175P

Conductivity Cooling Tower Controller from Lakewood Instruments Model 2175P


Product Information - Model 2175P Conductivity Cooling Tower Controller

Conductivity,Cooling,Tower,Controller,Lakewood,Instruments,Model 2175PLONWORKS* Technology is the latest in microprocessor capability that gives the user the highest level of application flexibility. A large illuminated graphics screen, multiple inputs and very easy setup with easy field upgrade characterize this new technology. The unit does not include plumbing or a sensor. For use with process-type conductivity sensors (order separately).

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  • 4-electrode conductivity input includes fouling compensation and alarm.
  • Input for flowswitch lockout.
  • Two water meter inputs, MTR1 and MTR2.
  • Conductivity Blowdown Relay options:
  • Bleed x gallons for every x gallons makeup
  • Bleed x minutes for every x gallons of makeup
  • Bleed by setpoint
  • Bleed by cycles of concentration with NCON/NCKT Option
  • Bleed by multi-setpoint selected with NCON/NCKT Option
    • Three user-selectable relay options (four additional with NRLY):
  • Feed by setpoint, direct or reverse;
  • Water meter actuated feed. MTR1, MTR2 or sum;
  • Feed after blowdown by percent of bleed time
  • Feed by percentage of time;
  • Feed by schedule (-RTC Option);
  • General alarm contact.
    • Three security levels:
  • View only
  • Operator
  • Technician
    • Four different languages.
  • English Spanish (standard)
  • English French (optional)
  • English German (optional)


    Power 80-300 VAC
    Sensor 2 or 4 electrode Conductivity
    Temperature comp. None, 500 NTC, 4K NTC, 10K NTC,
    100 PTC, 1K PTC, 3K PTC and 10K PTC
    Flow / level switch Dry contact
    Water Meter Input Two contacting head or open collector.
    Relays 3 Amps @ 120 VAC
    4-20 mA Two, isolated w/-35L
    Conductivity Range 0-100,000 S (varies with sensor)
    Conductivity Accuracy 40 S
    Conductivity Resolution 10 S
    Deadband Adjustable
    Setpoints Direct or Reverse (configurable in the field)
    Feed timer Adjustable
    Temperature comp. Adjustable
    Keypad Numeric
    Display Illuminated 128x64 pixel LCD
    Ambient Temperature 32-158F (0-70C)
    Enclosure ABS Plastic
    NEMA-4X Optional

    Ordering Information

    2175P   LonWorks Technology-based conductivity controller. Three (3) relays can be actuated based by percent on time, percent of blowdown time, water meter actuated or High/Low alarm. Conductivity range is 200-10,000 S unless specified otherwise. Requires 543 Series sensor with -4 Option. No outlets, plumbing or power cord.
    CONTROLLER OPTIONS (optional; select no more than three)
    -RTC   Schedule feed timer with 28-day programmable clock for selectable relays.
    -35L   Two 4-20 mA output configurable for remote data acquisition of conductivity.
    -RS2L   Communications node with the LRWS program. Requires -RTC Option.
    -NIN   Network interface node. Allows 1 NRLY and/or up to 3 NCON/NCKT’s to be added.
    ENCLOSURE OPTIONS (optional)
    -DU   Duplex outlet for chemical pump, power cord.
    LANGUAGE OPTIONS (optional, choose one, English and Spanish Standard)
    -EF   English and French.
    -EG   English and German.
    REMOTE NODE OPTIONS (optional; MUST purchase -NIN Option above)
    NRLY   Four additional relays with enclosure (1 per 2000 Series Controller).
    NCON   Conductivity node for makeup water or closed loop control (node only).
    PM   Panel mount 6 inch square cutout.
    BM   Bracket for pipe-mounting.
    LRWS   Windows-based registered software for computer to communicate with 2000 Series Controllers.
    MD4X   High-Baud modem in NEMA-4 enclosure ready to power.
    MD   High-Baud modem for use with 2000 Series Controllers.

    * LONWORKS is a registered trademark of Echelon Corporation.