ORP,Sensor,Assemblies,Model 530,Lakewood,Instruments

ORP Sensor Assemblies Model 530 from Lakewood Instruments


Model 530 ORP Sensor Assemblies

ORP,Sensor,Assemblies,Model 530,Lakewood,Instruments
5205 Replacement Tip (CPCV)
5206 Replacement Tip (PVDF)
ORP,Sensor,Assemblies,Model 530,Lakewood,Instruments
5207 Replacement Tip (316SS)

Lakewood Instruments uses the latest technology in ORP electrode construction. Lakewoods differential electrode design prevents ground loop problems and excessive dependence on the reference electrode connection to the process stream for stable readings. With three different body materials and three mounting options, Lakewood Instruments can supply ORP sensors to fit your needs.



Body Material

Max Temp*


Wetted Materials



150F (66C)
100 psi
(6.9 bar)
CPVC, Glass, Carbon, Viton*



205F (96C)
150 psi
(10.3 bar)
PVDF, Glass, Carbon, Viton, Ryton, TFE



260F (127C)
150 psi
(10.3 bar)
316SS, Glass, Viton

Range on ORP sensors is -1000 to + 1000 mV


-5I 1 inch NPT CPVC Compression fitting -7I inch NPT 316SS Swage
-5R 1 inch NPT CPVC Ball valve -7R 1 inch NPT 316SS Ball valve

Ordering Information


Cable Length or Enclosure

Material, Inline Fitting

Body Length

530 -0 inch NPT adapter -5S CPVC no fitting

-10 inch

-1 NEMA 4X w/amplifier* -5I CPVC w/compress fitting 1 inch NPT

-18 inch

-2 Aluminum enclosure w/amp* -5R CPVC w/ball valve 1 inch NPT

-48 inch

-3 Aluminum enclosure -6S PVDF no fitting
-4 180 inch of cable -7S 316SS no fitting
-5 NEMA 4X enclosure -7I 316SS w/swage fitting inch NPT
-6 Custom cable length -7R 316SS w/ball valve 1 inch NPT


530 -4 -5R


* Viton is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers L.L.C.
* Amplifier options -1 and -2 are only available with Model 353 and 830 controllers.
10 inch body not available with -5R Option