Electrode,Conductivity,Sensors,Model 540-2,Lakewood,Instruments

Electrode Conductivity Sensors Model 540-2 from Lakewood Instruments


Model 540 2-Electrode Conductivity Sensors

Electrode,Conductivity,Sensors,Model 540-2,Lakewood,Instruments

The Model 540 Conductivity Sensor offers a reliable and easy-to-use tool for measuring high-purity water or condensate return. Available configured as in-line, retractable or submersible, the Model 540 provides accurate input for monitoring or control of total dissolved solids in the 1 to 10 S or 10 to 100 S conductivity ranges. These sturdy sensors can withstand temperatures up to 400F (200C) and will serve for a long period of time.

  • Reliable control
  • Labor-saving
  • Economical
  • Long life
  • Accurate

Length(s) body 10 inch or 18 inch
Diameter, OD inch
Material 316SS
Temp. ranges: 0-392F (200C)
Temp. comp. 1K PTC or 500 NTC
Cell constants 0.01, 0.1
Cable lengths 20 ft max.
Cable insulation TFE
Pressure Trend Swagelock 70 psi (4.8 bar)
Insulator mat. PVDF
Range K.1 10-100 S
Range K.01 0-10 S


-1 NEMA-4X w/amplifier* -2 Aluminum enclosure w/amplifier*
-5 NEMA-4X -3 Aluminum enclosure

Inline Mounting Options

-10I inch NPT 316SS Swage
-10R 1 inch NPT 316SS Ball valve

Ordering Information

Cable Length or
Material, Inline Fitting
Temp Comp
540K.1 -0 inch NPT adapter   -10S 316SS no fitting   -10 inch   -TC500
540K.01 -1 NEMA-4X w/amplifier*   -10I 316SS w/swage fitting inch NPT   -18 inch   -TC1K
  -2 Aluminum enclosure w/amp*   -10R 316SS w/ball valve 1 inch NPT        
  -3 Aluminum enclosure              
  -4 240 inch of cable              
  -5 NEMA-4X enclosure              
  -6 Custom cable length              
540K.1 -4     -10R     -18   -TC500

* Amplifier options -1 and -2 are only available with Model 843 and 1040 controllers.
10 inch body not available with -10R Option.