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pH, ORP, and Conductivity Sensors from Lakewood Instruments

Lakewood Instruments uses the latest technology in pH, ORP, and conductivity sensor construction to provide reliable and rugged assemblies for waste water and process water applications. A variety of sensor body materials and mounting options are available.


Model 520 Series pH Sensors
With three different body materials, three mounting options and six different glass electrodes, Lakewood Instruments can supply pH sensors to fit your needs.

Model 521 Industrial Process pH Sensors
Lakewood’s differential electrode design prevents ground loop problems and excessive dependence on the reference electrode connection to the process stream for stable readings.

Model 530 ORP Sensor Assemblies
With three different body materials and three mounting options, Lakewood Instruments can supply ORP sensors to fit your needs.

Model 540 2-Electrode Conductivity Sensors
The Model 540 Conductivity Sensor offers a reliable and easy-to-use tool for measuring high-purity water or condensate return.

Model 543 Series 4-Electrode Conductivity Sensors
Technical specifications on the Lakewood model 543 conductivity sensor.